Keystone Native

Whenever the conversation of where I'm from comes up I always think of the Protest The Hero lyric "We will never answer where we came from, only how we got here." (In case you aren't aware of which state is the Keystone state, Pennsylvania would be your answer.) I've also lived in South Carolina, Maryland, Chicago and am now happily nestled in San Diego.

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Bringer of Laughs

Expressions are usually more annoying than true, but Laughter is the best medicine has always been a way of life for me. Taking life too seriously can only hinder your happiness. Without laughing my creative process would be a bore. I've always considered myself a pretty funny guy and now that I have a son laughing at every goofy thing I do or say my confidence may be slightly inflated.

Hobby Collector

Building connections with objects was always a part of my childhood. At a young age I was collecting Hot Wheels cars, glass soda bottles and hockey cards. My collections may have matured some, but my connections with these objects are all parts of my passion. Vintage cameras and typewriters, Art magazines and books, Prints, Posters and more, all fill my shelves and cover my walls.

All Jokes Aside

As a young advertiser I've found homes in multiple positions throughout the years. I dabbled in copywriting and user experience. I spent countless hours graphic designing and branding. I have created multiple personality disorder from coordinating multiple social media accounts. And I've noticed through all of this that what motivated me and interested me the most was the generation of the big idea. I love to create the concept. 

Photo is from the 2014 American Advertising Awards

Photo is from the 2014 American Advertising Awards

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