As you travel through New York, you’ll notice that every borough has its own personality, its own story and its own flavor. Steve’s Ice Cream’s Through the Five Boroughs collection seeks out the hidden gems from within. We blend the best ingredients each borough has to offer to tell a story your taste buds will love. Choose a borough to learn more about its flavor.



Life is better in the Borough of Kings. We’re younger, we’re hipper and we’re bigger than our Big Apple brother.

Spread love the Brooklyn way. With milk chocolate, chocolate stout cake and dark chocolate pudding, Brooklyn Blackout tastes like that rich BK life.


We’re the borough that invented swagger and the one that everyone’s parents warned them about. It’s that attitude and toughness that put the Boogie Down Bronx style on the map.

We roll out the Bronx Velvet Cake with an uptown blend of creamy vanilla ice cream, red velvet cake pieces and a BX sized schmear of cream cheese frosting.


There’s a reason this city doesn’t sleep. Rewards are for the restless. In Money Makin’ Manhattan, there’s no such thing as “good enough”. The only standard is perfection.

Manhattan Midnight Mix swirls coffee and mocha ice cream with bites of salty pretzel to give you the energy to be The Big Apple’s next big thing.


On the outer edges of the outer boroughs, Queens is a little weirder. When they say “Unique New York” they must be talking about us.

Queens Lemon Crème starts with lemon and vanilla ice cream and adds a gingersnap crumble for an odd flavor you can’t deny is delicious.

Staten Island

In The Forgotten Borough, we don’t know or care about whatever new trend is on the cover of some Manhattan magazine. We’ll be the judge of what’s cool enough for Shaolin.

Staten Island Mint combines cool mint ice cream with bittersweet chocolate chips to make the freshest flavor in the five boroughs.